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Nintendo Power #19

Back in issue 7 of the Nintendo Fun Club News, I really got the feeling that Nintendo wasn’t giving their full 100% to the issue because they knew it was the last issue of the newsletter before converting over to the full length magazine.  After going through issue 19 of Nintendo Power, I get the same feeling again so we are left with a pretty generic issue that would only appeal to a small segment of the subscribers to the magazine as they prepared to convert to a regular monthly magazine starting with the next issue. Read More…

Nintendo Power #17

Although issue 17 of Nintendo Power is a strategy guide for one of the most famous NES games in the system’s library, this issue of the magazine is unfortunately the most visually simple issues produced so far and my least favorite of the issues I’ve scanned so far. Read More…

Nintendo Power #15

While this is the shortest issue of the magazine produced so far and I personally have never played the game, issue 15 of Nintendo Power is a really enjoyable issue and one of my favorites so far. Read More…

Nintendo Power #13

Issue 13 is the first strategy guide produced by Nintendo Power and as they so frequently do, they lead with Mario and the latest game in the series, Super Mario Brothers 3. Read More…

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