Nintendo Power #19

Back in issue 7 of the Nintendo Fun Club News, I really got the feeling that Nintendo wasn’t giving their full 100% to the issue because they knew it was the last issue of the newsletter before converting over to the full length magazine.  After going through issue 19 of Nintendo Power, I get the same feeling again so we are left with a pretty generic issue that would only appeal to a small segment of the subscribers to the magazine as they prepared to convert to a regular monthly magazine starting with the next issue.

Of all the issues of Nintendo Power, preparing the magazine for posting is probably the second or third time I have ever even looked at this issue.  Of all the games featured in the issue, only Gauntlet 2 and Swords and Serpents would appeal to me but neither is really suited for single player gaming and I’ve never owned either one so I’ve never had a need to read through the information provided in the issue.  Overall, there is a good amount of screenshots and pictures to stay engaged in the magazine but the issue does seem to be a bit text heavy so with no real connection to the games, I don’t have a lot to say about the games themselves.

Compared to the other strategy guides though, the biggest benefit to this one is the expansion of coverage from a single game to 8 games so if you did happen to own a few of these games or have the capability to play 4 players, this was a rare chance to get some detailed tips on the ones you had.  Granted the depth of strategy isn’t a great for any single game but there was no other place you could get the detailed information on every team in a sports game or the best strategies to beat your opponents like you got in this one issue of Nintendo Power.  I imagine the idea was since this was the last chance to do a strategy guide, they would highlight some games that would never get expanded coverage in the standard issues due to the older skewing market for most of the games in this issue due to the complexity and genres of the games themselves.

Sorry I don’t have a whole lot to add to this issue of the magazine or very much detail on the games featured but next issue starts the year 1991 and regular monthly issues that would remain the standard for the magazine through the rest of its history so I look forward to getting in to the new year next time.  Until then….Play with Power!


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