Nintendo Power #18

Although it’s almost Easter here, issue 18 of Nintendo Power is getting geared up for Christmas 1990. Though the cover is Dr. Mario, the big feature of the issue is a massive 24 page look at Castlevania 3.Overall, this is a pretty standard issue of the magazine for the time but there are a few noticable changes.  With such a large portion of the magazine dedicated to Castlevania 3, there isn’t as many game highlighted overall in the issue.  Other than Castlevania, there are only 3 other games that get any kind of extended look.  A few sections are missing from this issue, ‘Video Shorts’ and ‘New Games’, and they announce at the end of the issue that those sections are going away permanently so changes were definitely happening at the magazine.  The announcement at the end also makes it official that the magazine would be going to a monthly release starting in January 1991 replacing the strategy guides that were releasing every other month.

Another noticeable change is the reduction in the number of GameBoy games covered , down this issue to 4 from the 13 in the previous issue but they do add a specific GameBoy Classified Info so there is a bit more variety in the info about the games themselves.

Outside of the changes to the magazine, there are some big games mentioned in the magazine.  As I pointed out, the issue dedicates 24 pages to Castlevania 3 which is the longest feature of a standard issue so far.  Dr. Mario gets featured which brings back great memories for me as I spent many hours playing the game against my mom when I was a kid and underrated NES gem Little Nemo: The Dream Master gets a few pages of coverage as well.  Looking ahead in the Pak Watch section, we get announcements for Mega Man 3, Earthbound (though it would never be released in the US) and a couple more screenshots of Super Mario World for the Super Famicom which would be releasing around this time in Japan and within a year in the US.

Although changes were ahead for the magazine, this issue is as strong as ever with great coverage for the big games of the day and lots to be excited for in the coming issues.  Next time we get a look at the last of the strategy guides before the magazine officially went monthly.  See you then and as always….Play with Power!

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2 responses to “Nintendo Power #18”

  1. mrstress says :

    glad to see the site still going strong. I think you would make a great guest on my playing with power podcast. we discuss each issue of nintendo power in great detail. and have some great witty banter 🙂 check us on itunes and facebook and let me know if you would like to guest. Just friend me and ask 🙂


    • Chris Owens says :

      Thanks for the invite but unfortunately I wouldn’t be able to join in. Keep it up though and I would totally appreciate you guys mentioning the blog on your podcast. Thanks!


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