Nintendo Power #15

While this is the shortest issue of the magazine produced so far and I personally have never played the game, issue 15 of Nintendo Power is a really enjoyable issue and one of my favorites so far.To me, the best part of the issue is the comic spread throughout the issue which gives an overview to the narrative of the game.  It’s clear that the comic was done by the same person who did the Howard and Nester comics in the regular issues but the tone of the comic is more mature with drama, action and demon butt (really…see page 19).  One of the unique features of the Ninja Gaiden trilogy on the NES was the cinematic story line scenes and the feel transitioned really well to the comic in this issue.

Another fun part of this issue is the insert found in the issue (seen in the scans at the end of this post) that gives some history and “info” about ninjas.  In a world before the internet, this was an awesome thing to read since there would be no other way to learn about these cool characters that were in so many games on the NES.

As for the guide itself, the levels are laid out and explained in detail with pages that divide up the sections of the game which could be posters themselves due to the great artwork on them.  As usual for this time in the magazine, the entire game is laid out and described in detail until the final level at which point the editors leave it up to you to finish.  I guess the idea was that if they got you that far, you can do some of the work to finish it yourself.

Overall this guide is really enjoyable and surprisingly, I liked it more  than the Mario 3 guide from a few issues ago.  I’ve never actually played this game but with the awesome comic, great artwork and fun insert I would actually be interested in giving it a try and seeing if I could survive as a ninja.

Back to another regular issue again next time, see you then!

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