Nintendo Power #14

While Rescue Rangers gets the cover, the highlights of the issue have to be the continuation of the Final Fantasy feature from issue 12 and the first extended look at Castlevania 3.This month’s issue also highlights another CES show where we see the first screens for TMNT 2: The Arcade Game, Dr. Mario and Mega Man 3.  After looking at Rescue Rangers, we get a look at the Metal Gear game that’s not considered cannon anymore, Snakes Revenge.

With the expanded library of Game Boy games coming out around this time, the Game Boy coverage also expanded.  This issue features 10 Game Boy titles, up from 8 in the previous issues with highlights being Double Dragon and a Final Fantasy game that isn’t really a Final Fantasy game, Final Fantasy Legend.

After the Game Boy, we get a 2 page look at Castlevania 3 with the reveal that there were 4 characters playable in this game compared to just the single player character in previous titles.  Based on the power meter rankings, they knew this game would be a big hit for years to come.

Next issue is once again a strategy guide, this time for Ninja Gaiden 2.  Hope you enjoy this issue and seed you next time!  Play with power!

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2 responses to “Nintendo Power #14”

  1. Mike King says :

    hey there I really appreciate what you put up here. I’m doing a podcast about Nintendo Power, called Playing with Power. we’re covering the fun club in an upcoming episode and you provided great scans for us to use.

    if you have all the NP issues, please comment on the Playing with power facebook page

    I think you’ll enjoy the show, please like and subscribe if you do 🙂

    I would love to get my hand on some more later scans My collection only goes to issue 96. I have a lead on issues up to 127. so im not pressed but it would be nice to have.
    and if you have any amazing information about the NP or fun club, or would love to just be a guest, PLEASE get into contact with me. thanks
    Mike King 🙂


    • Chris Owens says :

      Thanks for the comments and I’m glad you are enjoying the posts and using the scans!

      Unfortunately I only have issues up to the early 100’s, somewhere around 105 to 110. Once I get to that point in my scans I will decide if I will track down more issues to scan or just stop at 100.

      I don’t have any amazing stories of the magazine or the newsletter but it would be great to be a guest on your show. I’ve listened to 3 episodes so far and its great! I considered doing exactly what you are doing when deciding what to do with my magazines but went with the scans instead. My email address is, feel free to send me an email sometime.



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