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Nintendo Power #11

Issue 11 of Nintendo Power features the game that would launch Nintendo’s popularity in to the stratosphere…Super Mario Brothers 3.   Read More…

Nintendo Power #10

I’m guessing most people don’t realize that this issue of Nintendo Power sees the first mention of a new Nintendo home console on the horizon as well as the next Zelda game in the series after Adventure of Link. Read More…

Nintendo Power #9

The biggest thing that stands out to me regarding issue 9 is the increased highlight on role playing games. Read More…

Nintendo Power #8

Overall, issue 8 feels like it spends a lot of time looking forward and not as much on what’s current. But given that this issue would have been produced during the summer of 1989, there wouldn’t have been too many games coming out around that time.  Still, in this issue we get a great look at the NES classic Ducktales and more information on the RPG that Nintendo hoped would storm America, Dragon Warrior.  We also get a feature on the NES Satellite which allowed 4 player gameplay on games that supported it.  The games listed that support it are mostly sports games but I was a bit surprised to see that Nightmare on Elm Street supports 4 players. Read More…

Nintendo Power #7

Happy Anniversary!  Since the Nintendo Fun Club News, Nintendo publications were on a bi-monthly release schedule so issue 7 marks the 1 year anniversary of Nintendo Power.  There weren’t very many changes to the layout of the magazine but they included a fun addition that would give gamers a reason to pull out their copy of Super Mario Brothers 2 and play it again. Read More…

Nintendo Power #6

T-U-R-T-L-E POWER!  By the middle of 1989, we were in the middle of a turtle craze that would last for arguably the next 10+ years.  Originally seen in an ad in the last issue of the Nintendo Fun Club News, the first video game based on the Teenage Muntant Ninja Turtles had recently released and was the cover feature of the magazine.  Looking back now it is definitely the most unique of the games based on the license but at the time this was the only way to play out the characters we watched every Saturday morning.

Read More…

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