Nintendo Power #1

Here it is, the start of the greatest magazine in gaming history…Nintendo Power! Beyond the the obvious increase in the total size of the magazine compered to the Nintendo Fun Club News, the amount of pages dedicated to each featured game was almost as many pages as an entire issue of the Nintendo Fun Club News.  There were more pages of tips and tricks for beating Nintendo games and many more previews of upcoming games.  The ‘Top 5′ has now increased to the ‘Top 30′ which was now possible with the number of Nintendo games that were in the market and would be coming out in the following years.

Even after the entire run of the magazine, this cover is still the most iconic cover of the entire run and was even re-imagined for the final issue of the magazine.  You may notice Mario looks a little off…the color of his clothes are backwards from what would become is standard look.  In later years Nintendo would never allow Mario to have multiple looks like this but his character was still being defined after only one game so some variances are somewhat expected. To make the magazine as content heavy as possible, the other big feature of the magazine is the second quest of The Legend of Zelda.

There were many new sections introduced in the new magazine.  Counselors Corner was an absolutely great place for gaming tips provided by the counselors at Nintendo.  Howard and Nester was always an entertaining comic and you could even find tips and tricks for games in the strip….the tips are everywhere in this magazine!  Classified Information was always one of my favorite sections in the magazine. Remember when you had to put codes in to games for the bonus content?  This issue even includes one of the most famous codes of all time, the Konomi Code for Contra.

Other highlights of the magazine is a short article on Dragon Quest 3 which was taking Japan by storm even though the first Dragon Warrior wouldn’t even release for over a year in America.  Also, to try and legitimize the magazine, there was info about movies and movie stars in these early issues of the magazine.  You can even find famous game designer Cliffy B. as a top score at SMB and in the first Top 30, they rated Top Gun over Contra, Mega Man and Castlevania!

So that is the premier of Nintendo Power!  Do you have any memories of the magazine or is this your first time expereincing it?  Let me know in the comments!  Next time, we have the most controversial cover of the magazine and it’s only issue 2!

Play With Power!

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